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AgSafe Violet-Pearls™ Plant Food with Humates and Mycorrhizae Bag

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AgSafe African Violet-Pearls™ Plant Food with Humates and Mycorrhizae 10 oz. Bag
Special 12-14-12 polymer coated slow-release fertilizer formulation designed to promote more foilage and longer lasting blooms.  Feeds all types of African Violets for an entire year.  Contains micronutrients, high iron and magnesium, humates to provide organics and maintain soil pH, sea kelp extracts to provide 76 trace minerals and natural plant growth hormones, yucca extracts to supply natural saponins to help violets with environmental changes and stress, and mycorrhizae for expanding rooting and better nutrient uptake.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*:  New Plantings.  Mix AgSafe Violet-Pearls™ with potting soil.  Apply 1 tsp (9gm) for every quart amount of potting soil.  Established Plants. Just sprinkle AgSafe Violet-Pearls™ on the top soil and water thoroughly to activate polymer coated granules to release nutrients.  Apply 1 tsp (9 gm) for every 4-6" plant container size, and 1 TBSP (18 gm) for 8-10" plant container size.  No other fertilizer is necessary.  Repeat feeding every year or when changing potting soil.  For sensitive plants, use 1/2 dosage amounts.

Homeowner Bag - 10 oz.
Enough to feed  30+ small African Violets for an Entire year

*Disclaimer:  As with all fertilizer plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance. 
Trademarks:  AgSafe Violet-Pearls is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation.  

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