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AgSafe SuperMYCO™ Biofertilizer Organic Tree & Shrub Planting Tablets Bulk Bag (400ct, 10g)

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Item: AgSafe10-400
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AgSafe SuperMYCO™ 20-10-5 Biofertilizer Organic Planting Tablets Bulk Bag (400ct, 10g)
Special 20-10-5 biofertilizer formulation feeds perennials, small shrubs, ground cover plants, bareroots, roses, forestry pine seedlings, etc. for up to 2 years.  Convenient tablets (10g  size) are easy-to-use, saves labor planting time and costs...No need to measure granular fertilizers. Contains 13 essential nutrients, high iron alleviates yellow starter leaves (iron chlorosis), humates, organics, sea kelp, 76 trace minerals, natural plant growth hormones, and mycorrhizae (24 species) expand roots and increase nutrient uptake. Millions used by Professional Gardeners and Landscaper Contractors every year.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*:  New Plantings -Place tablet(s) into planting hole to the side of the root ball area. Apply 2 tablets per gallon size perennial plant, small shrubs, and container roses.  Apply 1 tablets for bareroots, ground cover plants, and forestry pine seedlings during planting. Attach 1-2 tablets in a bag with mailorder bareroot trees and roses. Established Plants - Best to use larger tablets (21g) - AgSafe SuperMYCO™ Tree & Shrub Biofertilizer Organic Tablets (item AgSafe21-200).  Drench soak soil to activate tablet nutrient release. No other fertilizer is necessary for plants for 2 years.

Bulb-Tabs Feed Newly Planted Bulbs for Entire YearFREE AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ 
Feeds Newly Planted Bulbs for Entire year
Special 9-16-16 formulation slow-release fertilizer tablet
Contains Organics, Humates, Natural Growth Hormones, etc.
Also contains Natural Garlic to help repeal rodents and chewing insects
Amazing Growth - Long-lasting Blooms
Sample Package of 3 Bulb-Tabs™ - Enough for 3 newly planted bulbs.

P102L Bulk Bag - 400 tablets (10g each)
Enough for 200 one gallon size perennials, small shrubs, ground cover plants, bareroots, roses, forestry pine seedlings
Availability - U.S. Orders - Call for International 

Purchasing Agreement - You the purchaser, agree to use these tablets for your own growing purposes and will not repackage, resale, and/or redistribute these tablets.

Disclaimer - As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.  Limited Warranty - Buyer/User is responsible for all activities associated with purchasing, storages, uses, and plant viabilities.  Limted Warranty guarantees the fertilizer analysis and covers replacement of tablets in the event of shipment damages (see website terms section).
Trademarks: AgSafe SuperMYCO and Bulb-Tabs are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation. 

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