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AgSafe SuperMYCO™ 12-8-8 Biofertilizer Organic Planting Tablets Bag (100ct)

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AgSafe SuperMYCO™ 12-8-8 Biofertilizer Organic Planting Tablets Landscape Bag (100ct)
Special 12-8-8 biofertilizer and organic blend formulation feeds annuals, bulbs, flowers, tomatoes, garden vegetables, pond plants, etc. for an Entire year or Growing Season.  Long-term feeding for flower baskets.  Contains 13 essential micronutrients, high iron produces dark green leaves, high humates (20%) to build soil and provide proper soil pH, sea kelp extracts to supply 76 trace minerals and plant growth hormones, and mycorrhizae (24 species) expand rooting and increase nutrient uptake.  Complete Well Balanced formulation to promote strong growth, maximize flowering and fruiting, tasty tomatoes, and amazing vegetables.

Landscaping Benefits: Tablets contain all the necessary nutrients and organics to feed for up to a full year.  No need to guess or measure granular fertilizers, messy organic powders, etc.  Fast application during planting - saves labor time and costs.  Millions used by Professional Gardeners and Landscaper Contractors. Better Ingredients...Better Plant Growth, Blooms, and Fruiting!

SUGGESTED APPLICATION:  For most feeding applications, place tablet(s) into planting hole to the side of the root ball area - not the bottom of the hole.  Drench soak soil to activate nutrient tablets.  Always keep soil moist - do not overwater.  No other fertilizer is necessary for an entire year or season.
Annuals, Flowers, Landscape Ground Cover Plants - Place 1-2 tablets to side of roots for each 3-4" starter pots.
Bulbs - Place 1 tablet next to bulb or place 1 tablet in center of 3-5 Crocus and other small bulbs during planting.  For large bulbs can apply 2 tablets.  Micronutrients will feed bulb up to 3 years - afterwhich, apply AgSafe® polymer-coated fertilizers for established bulb plants.
Perennials and Container Shrubs - Place tablet(s) near side of root ball.  Apply 3-4 tablets for each 6-8" container size plant during planting.
Flower Planting Bowls and Hanging Baskets - Insert tablet(s) 2" deep evenly spaced throughout soil or peat in bowl.   Apply 4-5 tablets per 12" diameter flower bowl or hanging basket.  No other spray fertilizer is necessay for growing season.
Tomatoes and Gardening Vegetables - Place 4-6 tablets around side of root ball per 4-6"  Tomato starter plant  For garden vegetable mounds, insert  4-5 tablets into mound about 2" away from vegetable starter plant.  Corn and Peppers - Place 1-2 tablets next to small corn stalk or pepper root ball.
Roses - Position tablet about 1" away from the root tips for bareroot roses. Place tablet(s) to side of root ball for every gallon size rose container pot.  Apply 4-6 tablets per bareroot or per 1 gallon rose container plant.  Micronutrients will feed for several years. 
Forestry Pine Transplants - Apply 2 tablets per Pine Seedling. Open soil with planting bar, place pine starter in soil hole, drop tablets into hole (tablets will not burn roots), then stomp down soil around seedling.  Make sure to Drench Soak deeply to activate tablets.  Tablets also provide humates and organic soil builders for good survivability.  No other fertilizers or soil additives are necessary.
Waterlilies and Pond Plants - Apply 3-4 tablets per 1-2 gallon size container plant. Insert tablets into aquatic soil about 3-4" deep and 3-4" away from plant crown of an established plant.  During plant splitting and propagation, place 2 tablets near roots for every gallon size container pot.  Aquapots - use 1 tablet per aquapot.  Island Floating Beds - insert 3-4 tablets into aquatic media for every sq. foot bed area.
Trees, Evergreens, Palms - Apply 5-6 tablets per 1" trunk diameter or for every 1 ft. of evergreen spread at drip line area around tree.  For palms, apply 5-6 tablets for every 1" trunk diamter, place tablets into soil 2-3" deep and about 4-6"away from palm trunk.  Large trees, shrubs, palms, etc. use larger AgSafe SuperMYCO™ Tree & Shrub Biofertilizer Organic Tablets (item AgSafe21-200).

AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™BONUS - FREE AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ with Purchase
One Tablet feeds a Bulb -or- Group of Crocus -or- Starter Flower for Entire-Year!
Contains Garlic & Plant Extracts - Helps Repeal Rodents and Root Crewing Insects
Bag of 3 Tablets
Limited Offer While Supplies Last

Landscape Bag of 100 tablets (7.5 gm each)
Enough for 25 small 4" starter plants, bareroot roses, tomatoes, garden, flowers, or ground cover, etc.
Feeds Entire Growing Season!

Purchasing Agreement - You the purchaser, agree to use these tablets for your own growing purposes and will not repackage, resale, and/or redistribute these tablets.

Disclaimer - As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.  Limited Warranty - Buyer/User is responsible for all activities associated with purchasing, storages, uses, and plant viabilities.  Limited Warranty guarantees the fertilizer analysis and covers replacement of tablets in the event of shipment damages (see website terms).
Trademarks: AgSafe SuperMYCO and Bulb-Tabs are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation.

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