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AgSafe Palm-Mist™ Soluble Plant Food with Humates and Mycorrhizae Bottle (1.25 lb.)

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AgSafe Palm-Mist™ Soluble Plant Food with High Micronutrients and Mycorrhizae Bottle
Special 18-6-18 concentrated water soluble plant food formulation (3:1:3 ratio) for feeding all types of indoor and outdoor palms.  Contains micronutrients, high iron  to green-up fans, high magnesium to help correct 'frizzletop', humates for mantaining soil pH, organics for soil development, sea kelp extracts for trace minerals and plant hormones, yucca extracts to supply natural saponins for fortifying palms against environmental stress, and mycorrhizae to expand rooting.  Contains No Urea based nitrogen which may cause root burning.  A complete nutrition plant food for your palms.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*:  Indoor Palms.  Measure and mix 1 tsp of AgSafe Palm-Mist™ powder into a gallon size water holding container to prepare a Palm Feeding Solution.  Mix solution well.  Slowly pour Palm Feeding Solution into palm soil surrounding palm trunk and thoroughly soak soil.  Let soil dry before next feeding (1-2 weeks).  Repeat feeding application during the growing season.  Outdoor Palms.  Use AgSafe Plam-Mist™ sprayer packs - pour one pack (1 lb.) into hand-held sprayer cannister, or pour entire bottle.  Water and feed outdoor palms by thoroughly soaking palm soil about 6-12" from palm trunk.  Let palm soil dry before watering and feeding again.

Ideal for feeding all types of palms - Cycades, Coconut, Date, Ornamental Areca, Fishtail, Kentia, Sentry, Queen, Lady, Pinto, Fan, Fountain, Windmill, Palmetto, Butia, Syagus, Sabel, Parlor, Bamboo, Sego, Phoenix, etc.  When feeding sensitive palms - use 1/2 dosage or feed at longer feeding intervals (2-4 weeks).

Bottle - 1.25 lbs. Concentrated Soluble Food
Enough for 140+ gallons of Palm Feeding Solution

*Disclaimer:  As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks:  AgSafe Palm-Mist is a trademark of AgriTab Corporaiton.

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