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AgSafe Orchid-Pearls™ Plant Food with Humates and Mycorrhizae Bulk

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AgSafe Orchid-Pearls™ Plant Food with Humates and Mycorrhizae
Professional Orchid Growers 15-10-10 (1.5-1-1 ratio) for polymer-coated slow release feeding of all types of orchids for an entire growing season (8-9 months).  Also contains micronutrients, humates, organics, sea kelp extracts to supply 76 trace minerals and plant growth hormones, and mycorrhizae for root expansion and better nutrient uptake.  Promotes steady continuous feeding every time you water your orchids.  Better plant results than using other brands (Nutricote®, Osmocote®, etc.).

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*:  Just sprinkle AgSafe Orchid-Pearls™ on top of orchid potting media during yearly repotting.  Apply 1 TBSP (12g) for every 6-8" or gallon size container plant.  Saturate orchid potting media to activate AgSafe Orchid-Pearls™ No other fertilizer is necessary.  Repeat watering every 10-14 days or when orchid potting media is dry.  To initiate orchid flower spikes and blooming - use AgSafe Orchid-Mist™ 6-30-30 Bloom product.

Box 12 lbs.
Enough to feed 450+ one gallon size Orchids for an Entire Growing Season

*Disclaimer:  As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks: AgSafe Orchid-Pearls is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation.  Nutricote and Florakote are trademarks of FloraKan.  Osmocote is trademark of The Scotts Company.

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