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AgSafe® IRON24™ Booster Tablets Homeowner Bag (24ct) + FREE Bulb-Tabs™

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AgSafe® IRON24™ Booster Tablets Homeowner Bag (24ct) + FREE Bulb-Tabs™
Special 4-0-1 high iron formulation feeds and corrects iron chlorosis (leaf yellowing) for all types of trees and shrubs.  Contains 3 types of iron (24%) - fast-acting chelates, solubles, and sucrates. Easy-to-use convenient tablets supply iron for up to 2-3 years and will not cause 'Runoff waste' - unlike other granular and water soluble iron fertilizer.

5 in 1 Convenient Nutrient Booster Tablet
o High Iron (24%) 3 types of iron fast-acting chelates, soluble, and long-term
o 7 Essential Micronutrients including High Sulfur to maintain soil pH for iron uptake
o Organics and Humates build poor and lacking soils
o Sea Kelp and Plant Extracts provide plant growth hormones, vitamins, and 76 trace minerals
o Beneficial Soil Bacteria and Mycorrhizae (24 species) expand rooting and increase nutrient uptake 

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Trees:  Pin Oak, Silver Maple, Baldcypress, Crabapple, Sweet Gum, White Pine, Elm, London Planetree, Cottonwood, Walnut, Sugar Maple, Eastern Redcedar, Bradford Pear, Willow, Palms, and Citrus.
Shrubs: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Blueberries, Roses, Grapes, and other acid-loving shrubs. 

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*: Best to apply iron treatment in Fall so roots can assimilate nutrients and correct iron chlorosis in new leaf growth during Spring and Summer.  Can also apply in Early Spring, two weeks before leaf buds appear.  Treatment - apply 1-2 tablet(s) per inch of tree diameter or per 1 ft. of shrub height/spread.  New Plantings - During planting place tablets to side of root ball area.  Established Plants - Punch, auger, or dig the required number of holes for each tablet, about 3-4" deep, space holes evenly around the dripline area.  Insert one tablet in each hole and cover with soil.  Water deep and thoroughly to activate tablets.  Generally, no other iron booster supplement is necessay for the entire growing season.  Repeat Iron24 treatment every Fall or Early Spring until iron deficiency is corrected with new leaves exhibiting a dark green color.  Note - In severe chlorosis situations, you may need to spray an iron chelate solution directly on leaves in Spring.  Generally, it takes a couple of years to completely treat iron chlorosis and adjust to proper pH soils.
Note - For azaleas and other severe chlorosis susceptible plants - double tablet application.  For Palms - insert tablets into soil about 6-8" away from trunk and 2-3" deep.

AgSafe® Bulb-Tabs™ Feed Entire SeasonFREE AgSafe® Bulb-Tabs™ Plant Food Tablets
Contains Organics, Humates, Micronutrients,
Sea Kelp and Plant Extracts, and Mycorrhizae
Insert next to bulb during planting season
Feeds for Entire Year...Amazing Blooms!
Sample Bag of 3 tablets

IRON24 - AgSafe® IRON24™ Booster Tablets Homeowner Bag + Free Bulb-Tabs™
24 tablets, 15g each, Net Wt: 13 oz..
Enough for 12 iron treatments on 2" trunk diameter trees, shrubs, and palms.

Disclaimer - As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks: AgSafe, IRON24 Booster, Bulb-Tabs are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation. 

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AgSafe® IRON24™ Booster Tablets Landscape Bag (250ct)
IRON24L AgSafe® Iron24™ Booster Tablets Feeds and Corrects iron Chlorosis (leaf yellowing) for all types of trees and shrubs. Also contains micronutrients, organics, humates, sea kelp and plant extracts, and mycorrhizae. Landscape Bag of 250 Tablets.
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