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AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ Biofertilizer Organic Planting Tablets Landscape Bag (300ct) + FREE Bulbs

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Item: BulbTabs300S
AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ Biofertilizer Organic Planting Tablets Landscape Bag (300ct) + FREE Bulbs
Special 9-16-16 polymer slow-release formulation for feeding all types of bulbs and tubers for 2 Years.  Even though the bulb contains most nutrients for average growth.  AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ will supply needed micronutrients and plant extracts that may be lacking in poor soils and insure optimum plant growth and blooms.  Ideal for feeding Container and Indoor Bulb or Tuber Plants!

8 in 1 Convenient Tablet - Additional Ingredients & Benefits
o  Polymer release nutrients, activated by soil temperature changes, feed for 2 growing seasons
o  7 essential micronutrients for proper bulb metabolism and growth
o  Organics including Bone Meal build good soil and bulb beds
o  Humates (2.0% humic acids) help release locked soil nutrients and maintain proper soil pH
o  Sea Kelp and Natural Plant Extracts provide growth hormones, vitamins, and 76 trace minerals
o  Natural Plant Extracts also help naturally repel gophers, rodents, and chewing insects
o  Benefical Soil Bacteria and Mycorrhizae expand rooting and increase nutrient uptake
o  No more wasted time - measuring granular bulb fertilizer boosters and dusty bone meal
Better Bulb Ingredients...Better Bulb Growth and Longer Lasting Blooms!

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*:  New Bulb and Tuber Plantings.  Easy-to-use, just insert AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ into the planting hole next to the bulb when planting your bulbs.  Add remaining soil and water thoroughly to activate tablet nutrients.  Apply one AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ for each bulb or standard size tuber.  For large bulbs and tubers (3" or greater), apply 2 tablets.  For small Bulbs (croccus, etc.), place one AgSafe Bulb-Tab™ in the middle of 3-5 small bulbs.  No other fertilizer is necessary.  Established Bulb Beds.  Use AgSafe Bulb-Pearls™ Polymer-release granular fertilizer - just sprinkle on top of soil and bulb beds for Once-A-Year Feeding.  Container & Indoor Bulb or Tuber Plants.  Just insert an AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ gently into the potting soil just below the surface and water throughly to activate the tablet nutrients.  Repeat bulb fertilizer feeding after 2 years -or- when you need to split tubers and repot.

FREE Tulip Bulbs
Included with Purchase of Bulb-Tabs™
Just place a Bulb-Tab™ next to Bulb
during Planting...It's that Simple!
Limited Offer While Supplies Last
3 - Triumph Red & Orange Bulbs, Size 11/12cm

BulbTabs300S AgSafe Bulb-Tabs™ Biofertilizer Organic Planting Tablets Bag
FREE Fall Bulbs with Purchase
Landscape Bag of 300 Tablets, 5gm each, Net 3.3 lbs.
Enough to feed 300 newly planted bulbs, tubers, tulips, daylilies, etc. for 2 Years!

*Disclaimer:  As with all fertilizer plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks: AgSafe Bulb-Tabs is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation. 

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