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AgSafe Aquatic-Spikes™ Once-A-Year Pond Plant Biofertilizer Bag (40ct) + FREE Nutrient Sprayer Tabs

Retail Price: $19.99
Your Price: $17.95
SAVE: $2.04 (10 %)
Item: AgSpikes40S
AgSafe Aquatic-Spikes™ Once-A-Year Pond Plant Biofertilizer Bag (40ct) + FREE Nutrient Sprayer Tabs
Special 14-24-8 fertilizer formulation for feeding waterlilies and all types of pond plants for an entire growing season (6-9 months).  Contains micronutrients, humates, sea kelp and plant extracts.  A true fertilizer spike - not a plastic tube fertilizer.  Provides consistent feeding and better results than plastic tube fertilizers. Fish and Aquatic Life Safe. Will Not Cause Algae Growth or Water Cloudiness.  Ideal for aquascape water gardening pond installer, pond maintenance, and landscaper.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION:  Easy-t-use, just insert spikes into the aquatic potting media near the plant crown and about of 3" deep. Cover spike holes with Aquatic potting media. Apply 2 spikes per gallon size pond plant.  No Other Fertilizer is Necessary...It's that Simple!

Laguna® Plastic Tube Spikes Retail Price*: $5.90 (3 large spikes feed 3 plants) or $1.97 cost per plant
AgSafe Aquatic-Spikes™ Web Price: $17.95 (40 spikes feed 20 plants) or $0.90 cost per plant...SAVE!

Aquatic-Spikes™ Additional Benefits:
o  Double the amount of Plant Food (42g/plant)
o  Optimum Phosphate levels for maximum Blooming with No Algae Growth
o  Contains Micronutrients, Humates, and Organics
o  Professional Growers Choice ... No Plastic Tubes to Throw Away...PROTECTS ENVIROMENT!

FREE AgSafe Pond Nutrient Sprayer Tabs™
Convenient Mist Spray Feed Floating Plants every 2 Weeks
Contains Chelated Iron to correct for Iron Chlorosis - yellow leaves 

Easy-to-use, just place tablet into and 32 oz. Hand-held Sprayer 
Sample 2 tabs - Enough to Feed up to 400-500 sq. feet of Plant Spread  

AqSpikes40 - AgSafe Aquatic-Spikes™ Once-A-Year Pond Plant Biofertilizer Bag 
4 Bags, 10 spikes per bag, 21g each spike, Weight: 2.0 lbs.
Enough to feed 20 one to two gallon size pond plants

*Note - By purchasing this bulk box of spikes, you agree to use these spikes for your Own Growing Purposes and will not Repackage, resale, and/or redistribute these spikes to others.

Disclaimer:  LaGuna Spikes Retail Price is an average price, the actual price may vary depending on the purchase location.  The comparison prices are provided to the consumer to help in selecting the product to buy and use.  As with all fertilizer products, it is best to try the recommended application rates; however, you may want to adjust the application rates for your own specific growing operations.
Trademarks: AgSafe Aquatic-Spikes and Pond Nutrient Sprayer Tabs are trademarks of AgriTab Corporation.  Laguna is a trademark of Rolf Hagen.

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