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AgSafe® Aquatic Pond Plant Fertilizer Nutrient Sprayer Tablets Bottle (25ct)

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AgSafe®  Aquatic Pond Plant Fertilizer Nutrient Sprayer Tablets Bottle (25ct)
Special water soluble concentrated fertilizer tablet is added into any hand sprayer with water to prepare a Feeding Solution for feeding all types of waterlilies and pond plants.  Mist Spraying your pond plant leaves is easy and very cost effective.  Tablets contain 9 essential nutrients, 76 trace minerals, water soluble humates, plant growth hormones, organics, and mycorrhizae to help expand roots.  Provides lush green growth, strong blooming, and fortifies roots.  Fish and Aquatic Life Safe.  Will Not Cause Algae Growth and Water Cloudiness.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*:  Easy-t-use, insert tablet(s) into your hand-held or gallon size sprayer.  Let tablet completely dissolve in water to prepare Feeding Solution (.45-.45-.45 fertilizer analysis).  Apply one tablet (3g) for every 32 oz. of water.  Mist spray 32 oz. of Feeding Solution for 200-300 sq. ft. of floating spread.  Repeat spray mist feeding every 1-2 weeks or when needed during growing season.  Can use one tablet to refill Pond Care® Liquid Sprayer Bottles.

Pond Care® Plant Nutrient Sprayer Bottle Retail Price: $12.99 (32 oz.)
AgSafe® Plant Nutrient Sprayer Tablet Bottle Price: $4.99 (800 oz.)  SAVE $12.79 (1 tab - 32 oz.)

Pond Owner Bottle Size
25 Tablets, 3gm each 
Enough to Feed 5000 - 7500 sq. ft. of Floating Pond Plants

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Disclaimer: As with any fertilizer plant food product, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance.
Trademarks: AgSafe is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation. Pond Care is a trademark of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Mars.

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