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AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Natural Organic Root Feeding Tablets Bag

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AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Natural Organic Root Feeding Tablets Bag
Special 3-0-6 natural organic formulation feeds all types of substrate aquarium plants for up to 3-4 months. Contains sterilized blood meal, sterilized bone meal, langbenite, natural grains, high iron (15%), magnesium for proper plant metabolism, humates to build subsrate, sea kelp extracts to supply 76 trace minerals and natural plant growth hormones, and a proprietary blend of plant extracts to supply natural saponins, vitamins, amino acids, etc.  Complete Nutrient Feeding Tablet.  Lush Green Fuller Growth - Stronger Expanded Rooting.  Will Not Cause Algae Growth or Water Cloudiness.

o  All Natural Organic OMRI Ingredients and Minerals
o  Natural Plant Polymer-coated ingredients for Continuous nutrient feeding - No 'Feast and Famine' Feeding
o  Sri Lanka Clay Base - excellent cation exchange between roots and substrate gravel
o  Developed and Quality Tested by a leading Aquarium Pharmaceutical Company
o  Safe for Fish & Aquatic Life - No Osmocote® gelcaps prills containing High Nitrates and Free Phoshates

SUGGESTED APPLICATION*: Single Plants. Insert tablet into aquarium gravel substrate just underneath plant roots. Multiple Plant Bundles. Insert tablet(s) into aquarium gravel substrate just underneath plant roots - one tablet feeds a 3"-4" diameter area.  Repeat feeding application every 3-4 months or less often when needed. Do Not Overfeed. Not necessary to use additional plant stimulates or other fertilizer liquid feeding products.

API Root Tabs™ Blister $8.95 (10 tabs) + Free Shipping (Amazon Prime™)...or $0.90 per tablet
AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Natural Organic Tablets Bag $5.95 (12 tabs) + Free Shipping...or $0.50 per tablet...SAVE 44%

AQMTab12D - AgSafe® Aquarium Plant Natural Organic Root Feeding Tablets Bag
12 Tablets, 3gm each, Weight: 2 oz.
Enough to feed 6 plants for up to 8 months.

**QUALITY ASSURANCE - Follows State Fertilizer Product Label Requirements and Regulations.
NO Unknown Foreign Chemical Tablet Additives and Binders.**

*Disclaimer: As with all plant food products, it is best to use the product at the suggested application rates described; however, it is your responsibility to fine tune the proper feeding amounts to obtain the best plant performance. Compare and Save information and prices is provided for the consumer to compare products when making a decision to buy. Prices are average prices and do not reflect individual selling prices that can vary depending on location and selling conditions.
Trademarks: AgSafe is a trademark of AgriTab Corporation. API Root Tabs is a trademark of the Mars Fishcare.  SeaChem is a trademark of SeaChem.  Osmocote is a trademark of The Scotts Company.

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